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  • Installing Your Screen Protector


    Great that you're checking this out. Screen protectors are useful little helpers but can be tricky to install and a bit irritating if not done right.

    Some cardinal rules to get it right first time:

    1. Clean your device screen very thoroughly before laying down the protector. Any dust on on the screen and you may get nasty little bubbles after the protector has been laid down.
    2. Don't touch the screen protector anywhere at anytime other than the edges. Keep the dust and fingerprints off!
    3. Once you peel off the first plastic layer try to get the protector down quickly to lessen the chance of dust accumulating.
    4. Start from one end, usually the home button, and work your way up the device.
    5. Make sure you have a credit card or other like card to flatten out the protector as you lay it down. Use the card to push out any remaining bubbles.
    6. The actual protector is covered by 2 pieces of overlaid plastic. Remember to peel off the last layer of plastic once the protector has been laid down. Don't be like one of us who left the second layer on for weeks and couldn't work out why the sticker was so hard to remove!

    For a more detailed step by step guide here's a link to a great little demonstration from CNET. This video is for an iPhone but the basic steps apply just the same to iPads.

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