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Buy Now. Pay Later with Oxipay

Launching Oxipay Email Banner

Are you looking for an easier way to pay? A way to split the cost of your phone over a few weeks, to ease the pressure on your bank account?

Well, we've got the answer for you. We've just launched with Oxipay So, when you shop with us you can spread the cost of your purchase over 4 easy payments, instead of paying the whole lot up front.

And it's nice and simple to use. When you get to the payment details simply click Oxipay and you'll be redirected to the Oxipay site to sign up (it only takes a few minutes), and then you're away laughing. The first payment is due with Oxipay when you make your purchase, with 3 remaining instalments due every fortnight.

So forget the stress of having to come up with the total cost right away, buy with Oxipay today and get your new phone tomorrow*.

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  • Dec 06, 2018

    Great, thanks for the info Mike!

    — GoodTech

  • Dec 06, 2018

    Oxipay limits what you can have outstanding to $1000 over 5 purchases, a huge difference from credit cards. https://www.moneyhub.co.nz/oxipay-review.html outlines more about the payment method.

    — Mike

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