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  • What does iPhone 5 and 5c not being supported mean?

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    We've had a few queries recently about what does it mean when Apple says they're no longer going to support the iPhone 5 and 5c. We thought it would be useful to explain a little about what this means.

    First of all, your iPhone 5 is not going to stop working, and in fact will probably keep going strong for a least a few more years.

    The short explanation is the iPhone 5 and 5c will not be able to upgrade to iOS 11, which is being released in the latter half of 2017 (because the 5 and 5c run on 32-bit systems whereas iOS 11 will be 64-bit only, but that's the boring stuff).

    BUT! That doesn't mean the 5 and 5c won't keep on trucking happily along on the very good and mature iOS 10.

    Just like how computers run on different operating systems, say like a PC running on Windows 7, even though Windows 10 is (as of the date of this post) the latest version, your iPhone can happily keep running on an older iOS no problem, at least for a while.

    Day to day, what it really means is that very slowly over time, app developers will start to work less on the older versions of their apps, as fewer people stay on the older iOS, until each developer makes a decision to stop upgrading the older app versions. But because a lot of people will either a) have older devices, or b) choose not to upgrade, the older apps will often remain supported by app developers for years to come. And iOS 10 is good and stable and should be around for years to come.

    So in short, just because people are saying the iPhone 5 and 5c won't be supported doesn't mean they're not still great little devices, and they'll keep on being so for a good while yet.

    1 comment

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      Helpful thank you

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