Hi. We love trade-ins, it's a great way to make those device last longer!

iPhone Trade-in Value

Please see the table below for our current iPhone trade-in values by model. Prices are subject to change - they move on a regular basis, please confirm with us if you think you want to go ahead.

Pricing is based on our grading criteria which you can find here, and is for fully operational devices.

If you have one or more issues with your phone, such as a cracked screen, it may just mean a deduction in value, please check with us to confirm.

Email us if you don't see your model here, we do Android phones on occasion as well:

Trade-in Process

There are two ways of doing the trade-in:

1. Pay the full price and have your new device sent out immediately. This way means you'll never be without a phone. We'll email you a pre-paid courier label which you print out and adhere to any package to return your old device in. Once we've tested and processed the phone we'll credit you the trade-in value to your bank account.

2. Pay the price including trade-in and then courier us your old phone. Once we've tested and processed your old phone we'll ship out the new one. This usually takes 1-2 business days once we've received your phone, so including a day's courier each way you'll probably be without a phone for 3-4 days.

Email us at info@goodtech.co.nz to learn more!