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Wrong iPhone passcode!
Have you been locked out of your iPhone and don't know what to do? Forgotten or accidentally changed your passcode? Happens all the time and we get a lot of queries about it.
iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 may look similar, but there are some big differences and some great reasons why you should consider forking out a little more for a far better phone.
How to recycle your e-waste

Last month we looked at the New Zealand E-Waste Problem, and the impact that it was having on the environment. Just to recap, e-waste is the name given to all electronic waste - think chargers and cords through to your old phone or computer. We accumulate an incredible amount of technology...

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Buy Now. Pay Later with Oxipay
Are you looking for an easier way to pay? A way to split the cost of your phone over a few weeks? Awesome! We've just launched Oxipay. So, when you shop with us you can spread the cost of your purchase over 4 easy payments, instead of paying the whole lot up front.
The New Zealand e-waste problem
E-waste is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. Globally it’s estimated that e-waste ads up to around 50 million tonnes of rubbish per year, and a report released in 2017 estimates this will continue to rise. In New Zealand it’s estimated we create around 80,000 tonnes of e-waste each year, and by 2030 The Ministry for The Environment thinks we’ll average 26.9kgs of e-waste per person annually.
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