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Backup, Backup, Backup!

We've got 3 words for you... Backing up your data is one of the most important things you can do with your phone. Unfortunately we've seen time and time again devices with no backups and the potential to lose everything. With Apple's iCloud service it's super easy to make sure...

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Demystifying Refurbished Cellphones

Refurbished, reconditioned, pre-owned, certified pre-owned... it's all a bit confusing really. In this industry 'refurbished' is a general catch-all for pre-owned or secondhand devices. Even though refurbishment implies taking a device and fixing faults or imperfections, it's often used to describe any fully functional secondhand phone. This is more to...

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iOS8 vs Your Battery

All of the iPhones and iPads we send out into the world are running the really great iOS8. It has a lot of cool features, which tend to drain the battery faster than everyone would like. One of our favourite tech websites, Gizmodo, has some tips on how to save...

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