Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you would like to know more just send us an email at, click the chat button at bottom right or call on 09 972 9083.


Are these devices new, secondhand/used or refurbished?

Most of our devices are pre-owned (and refurbished if required) in our workshop in Grey Lynn, central Auckland. In general there's never been anything wrong with them and they haven't been opened up or had parts replaced other than battery replacement. When we find errors we refurbish them using high quality parts. You can easily tell the condition of the product by looking at the condition grade.

We also have access to brand new clearance stock, which come with full manufacturer warranties, as well as near new open box units, which are 30 day customer returns of brand new product with other retailers.

Any accessories we sell (cables, chargers, earphones etc.) are all brand ew.

What does the difference between Condition / Grade mean?

1 - LIKE NEW means the product is mint or very close to mint 'like new' condition. It should have no easily distinguishable marks or blemishes and you should struggle to see any difference from a new device.

2 - VERY GOOD means the product is close to like new condition. It should have a few blemishes such as one or two nicks on the rim but otherwise looks close to new. There may be light mark/s visible when tilting the screen to the light. If the frame is totally mint we may allow a little more marking on the screen.

3 - GOOD means that the product has some reasonable wear or blemishing such as a number of nicks or signs of previous use around the framing or back of the device. It is 100% functional and the screen shouldn't have scratches which affect your viewing performance. These devices are still in good condition and any wear should be cosmetic only (i.e. they don't affect the performance of the device).

BRAND NEW on occasion we sell clearance stock for brand new units. These models will come in original packaging and come with full manufacturer warranties.

OPEN BOX means the phone comes in its original packaging and accessories. It has been opened and returned by the original customer within 30 days of purchase and is essentialy a brand new device. Their change of mind is your chance to save a bundle on a new device.
No Touch ID / No Face ID means the Apple fingerprint or face security acccess feature is not working, but the device is otherwise 100% functional. This indicates the home button or screen has been replaced. Due to how Apple configures these features, replacing the home button or screen may disable the service and cannot be restored.

Screen Shadow means the device has light signs of previous screen imagery such as the keayboard or menu icons visible when the screen is white or mono-coloured. This is due to the manufacture process for OLED screens and the device is otherwise 100% functional. It shouldn't get much worse and should not interrupt most activities such as playing games or videos or browsing the internet.

SIM Locked means the device is carrier networked locked and can't be unlocked for use as a mobile phone in NZ. The phone is otherwise fully functional on WiFi and can be used as a media device around the home or for WiFi calling apps such as FaceTime and Skype.

Will the device come with normal wear and tear and will I be able to tell that it's pre-owned?

If you buy a LIKE NEW product you shouldn't be able to easily tell much difference between your device and a new one. We carefully source and then test and grade all our products to ensure only the very best are offered for sale. We also offer lower grade VERY GOODGOOD and FAIR product at discounted rates which will have some minor cosmetic wear only. These certified VERY GOODGOOD and FAIR products will still be 100% fully functional.

Was or is there anything faulty with the device I am buying?

We only sell fully functional devices, unless as otherwise clearly stated (and these will be marked down in price accordingly). We test every device individually and back it up with our GoodTech™ Guarantee so you should always receive a fully functional device and if you have any issues whatsoever we will be happy to refund your purchase within the first 30 days.

What will be the battery health on my iPhone?

We replace batteries on iPhones where the current health is below 90%. So you should receive an iPhone with either a new battery or one at 90% health or more.

Please note - because Apple are big meanies they've decided to restrict access to battery health for non- Apple original batteries on the iPhone XR, XS and later series iPhones. On top of that, they pop up an occasional message on the phone for two weeks saying Apple couldn't validate whether the battery is original. We can't supply Apple original parts as we can't be an authorised Apple repair agent, because authorised Apple agents aren't licensed to sell pre-owned iPhones. So essentially you can't get pre-owned iPhones in New Zealand with new Apple original batteries.


Where do these devices come from and are they unlocked and ready to use in New Zealand?

We only source direct from official trade-in and returns channels with large offshore retailers. This means every single iPhone or iPad has been unlocked and approved for export by Apple. We also carefully select what technology our devices use which ensures all our devices are fully compatible with all New Zealand networks.


What's covered under the warranty?

We offer 12 month warranties on all our products, this includes good battery life, as well as anything hardware related. The warranty doesn't cover software issues or physical or water damage, so please be careful with your device!

Does the warranty cover manufacturer claims for water immersion or being waterproof?

Our warranty is provided by GoodTech, not by the manufacturer, and we provide protection for fair and reasonable use for a refurbished device in general. Due to the fact we replace batteries you shouldn't expect the same level of water protection as a new device and water damage is not covered under our warranty.

Whether you should even consider a brand new device fully waterproof is doubtful. Here's a great article about the issues with manufacturer claims about waterproofing.


What comes in the box?

Every device ships with a new charger and cable (and with some phones we also include new headphones). You'll also find a SIM tool to help you open the SIM card slot if it has one.

Are the included accessories new or used?

Brand new.

Are the accessories original or other manufacturer product?

The included accessories are not always original manufacturer product however we source carefully and test our product extensively so you should only receive quality product. If you have any issues we will happily replace them free of charge.


Do you offer layby?

We offer purchasing via Afterpay which enables you to pay for the device in instalments, and also receive the device once the first payment has been, just like a normal purchase. 

I received an email asking to verify my credit card purchase, what does that mean?

Unfortunately this industry is the target of regular and persistent fraudulent credit card purchase attempts. For certain high value purchases we have to verify the person making the purchase has access to the credit card account in order to verify the transaction is genuine. This is not a personal judgement on the person making the purchase. As an alternative to people who choose not to call their bank or are having trouble getting the code, we offer for people to send us a screen shot of the transaction. If neither are acceptable we will process a refund.

Can I pick up?

Yes, please select pick up as the shipping option and we'll email when your order is ready.


How much is shipping?

Next business day delivery nationwide is $5.95 for phones, wearables and accessories, and $8.95 for tablets.

How do you ship the device?

We carefully pack all our devices in our own packaging, and then courier with 'signature required' to ensure the device gets to you safe and sound in the condition it left us.

Can you get the courier to leave the package at the address without someone signing for it?

Sorry no, due to the value of the devices we only ship signature required.

When will I receive my delivery?

We use CourierPost for overnight delivery to most of New Zealand, excluding weekends and public holidays. If we receive your completed order by 1pm on a weekday (excluding public holidays) we aim to ship it that day. It may take longer after the weekend and public holidays due to high volume processing, or if you have a rural address.

Once your device has shipped we'll send you tracking details so you can keep an eye on it and know when it will be delivered. Tracking details as well as the GST invoice will be sent in the afternoon each day.

I need to change me shipping address - what should I do?

As long as the device hasn't left our premises this is no problem. Just contact us and we will make the changes for you. Please note for security reasons we may have to contact you directly and confirm some details before completing the change.


Do you share my information with any other parties?

No. Your contact and purchase details are securely kept on record at our end and we will never share that information. We may contact you with an offer or something we think you will find interesting once in a (very long) while but that is all.

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