Our Grading System

We source top quality devices and test and refurbish them ourselves to ensure they are in perfect working order. Then we thoroughly clean each one with hospital grade isopropyl alcohol and pack them up ready to ship.  Our Grading System helps you know the cosmetic condition of the device.

1 - LIKE NEW means the product is mint or very close to mint 'like new' condition, as if it has just come out of the box. It has no easily distinguishable marks or blemishes and you should struggle to see any difference from a new device.

2 - VERY GOOD means the product is close to 'like new' condition. It may have a few minor blemishes such as a nick on the rim but otherwise looks similar to like new. There may be very light mark/s visible when tilting the screen to the light.

3 - GOOD means that the product has some reasonable wear or blemishing such as a few nicks or signs of previous use around the framing or back of the device. It is 100% functional and the screen shouldn't have scratches which affect your viewing performance. These devices are still in good condition and any wear should be cosmetic only (i.e. they don't affect the performance of the device).

For more information please see our FAQ.