At GoodTech we specialise in top quality pre-owned devices. We also supply brand new clearance stock and open box units (which are basically new). These are the different ways we grade our devices for sale:

BRAND NEW on occasion we have access to clearance stock for brand new units. These models will come in original packaging and come with full manufacturer warranties.

OPEN BOX means the phone comes in its original packaging and accessories. It has been opened and returned by the original customer within 30 days of purchase and is essentialy a brand new device. Their change of mind is your chance to save a bundle on a new device. The packaging may show some wear however the units should be pristine.

1 - LIKE NEW means the product is mint or very close to mint 'like new' condition. It should have no easily distinguishable marks or blemishes and you should struggle to see any difference from a new device.

2 - VERY GOOD means the product is close to like new condition. It should have a few blemishes such as one or two nicks on the rim but otherwise looks close to new. There may be light mark/s visible when tilting the screen to the light. If the frame is totally mint we may allow a little more marking on the screen.

3 - GOOD means that the product has some reasonable wear or blemishing such as a number of nicks or signs of previous use around the framing or back of the device. It is 100% functional and the screen shouldn't have scratches which affect your viewing performance. These devices are still in good condition and any wear should be cosmetic only (i.e. they don't affect the performance of the device).

No Touch ID / No Face ID means the Apple fingerprint or face security acccess feature is not working, but the device is otherwise 100% functional. This indicates the home button or screen has been replaced. Due to how Apple configures these features, replacing the home button or screen may disable the service and cannot be restored.

Screen Shadow means the device has light signs of previous screen imagery such as the keayboard or menu icons visible when the screen is white or mono-coloured. This is due to the manufacture process for OLED screens and the device is otherwise 100% functional. It shouldn't get much worse and should not interrupt most activities such as playing games or videos or browsing the internet.

SIM Locked means the device is carrier networked locked and can't be unlocked for use as a mobile phone in NZ. The phone is otherwise fully functional on WiFi and can be used as a media device around the home or for WiFi calling apps such as FaceTime and Skype.

For more information please see our FAQ.

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