Maintaining the highest levels of quality control is integral to our business.

Every device we sell goes through the following rigorous checklist to ensure it meets these standards:


    • Device charges and connects to iTunes (if 'iDevice')
    • Insert SIM and confirm activation and cellular functionality (if cellular device)
    • Connect to WiFi
    • Connect to Bluetooth
    • Check software version and update to latest if required


        • Rub down with cleaning fluid
        • Check screen free of scratches
        • Check bezel for nicks and pitting
        • Check back-housing for scuffs and marks
        • Check water damage indicators not tripped
            • Volume buttons both working and good response time
            • External speaker fully functional
            • Headphone connection working and clear of debris
            • Mute button fully functional
            • Home button functional and responsive
            • Flash light fully functional
            • Front and rear cameras functional and lenses free of scratches
            • External microphone functional
            • Mute button fully functional and clear of debris
            • Lock button functional and responsive
              BATTERY TEST
                • Charge device to 100%
                • Unplug device and leave for 24 hours
                • Check battery and usage levels after 24 for normal battery reduction
                DEVICE FINISHING
                • Grade device for sale
                • Recharge battery to 100%
                • Perform full factory re-set
                • Unplug and power down
                • Polish and pack for sale and shipping
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