Using The Cloud To Free Up Your Phone

How frustrating is it when you go to save something to your phone only to find you’ve run out of space. You’ve probably clogged up your device with thousands of photos of your cat, or by downloading Celine Dion’s back catalogue. Not long ago this was the only way you could get these on your phone, but the downside was your storage was limited, and the more your phone got full, inevitably the slower it worked.

Nowadays, we should all really be using some sort of cloud storage. It’s a way of storing your data virtually but still being able to access so long as you’re online. It’s like a portable hard drive, but instead of a clunky box sitting in your bag, or on your desk. You access the files through an app.

It’s perfect for getting all those sings, photos, and videos off your phone, but still being able to access them whenever you need to.
So, how do you get onto one of these services?

If you’ve got an iPhone, Apple already has their own you can use, called iCloud. It will back up your phone settings, contacts, photos, videos and music. All you need to do is tap your Apple ID in the Settings menu to choose what to backup. You can see how much storage space you’ve got left and can also change your storage plan there too. Everyone gets 5GB free to begin and then you can pay for more. The bonus with iCloud is you can use it to backup and restore your phone if you do a factory reset, or buy a new phone.

Google Drive
This is the most popular with Android users, and often used by iPhone users alongside iCloud. Everyone gets 15GB free and then you can upgrade for more. We love it for storing photos and videos because you can easily share the folders with friends and family. But it’s so much more than that, think of it like the drive on your laptop, store all your large files there and access them wherever, and whenever.

Microsoft OneDrive
Much the same as Google Drive, but Microsoft’s version. If you’re a Hotmail or Office users, this one could well be great for you as it integrates very easily into those services. 5GB free to all users and then it’s a little more for 50GB and up.

Samsung Cloud
For the Samsung users out there, you have your own cloud service you can access. Quite useful as it backs up your data and phone settings. Perfect if you lose or break your phone, or it gets stolen. Apart from that, it’s business as usual, 15GB storage space for free, and it’s easy to upgrade for more.
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