Make sure you never lose your photos again

Do you worry about losing your photos when you delete them from your phone?

It's hard to know whether your photos have been backed up and can be terrifying clicking delete to free up much needed space!

If you want a photo backup system that comes free, backs up automatically, AND gives you possibly the best sorting and search functionality around then start using Google Photos. This last point about searching and sorting is key too. With Google Photos you can throw away your folder system, it does it all seamlessly for you.

iCloud photos is ok, but to be fair I stopped using it long ago. I'm a little impartial, but then this post is not about reviewing all the options, it's about sharing what works best for me, and wanting to help anyone out who's having photo management issues.

The best things about Google Photos:

  • It's free. To get this they compress your photos a little but nothing that really affects photo quality.
  • It's set and forget. Once you have it configured it will automatically upload all your photos to the Google servers and the chances of them going down are way less than you losing your phone or having your laptop or external hard drive stolen.
  • The search function is AMAZING. Type anything from your friends' and family's names (it will learn these and ask you to confirm names as it goes) to sports, landscapes and your last beach holiday, and it will reliably find all photos you have around these topics.

Google Photos Beach

The best thing is you never have to worry about deleting photos off your phone again. Even if you delete them from your Google Photos account, they stay in the recycle bin for up to a month so if you realise you've made a mistake you can always go back and get them no hassles (and stress free) - just make sure it's within 30 days!

To download just search and download "Google Photos" in your Apple or Android device app store and follow the instructions.

Any questions just email us at and we'll be happy to help.

** Disclaimer - I love Google Photos, it's awesome! **

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