Why we want to change how people think about used or second-hand tech.

If you could sum up our mission in one sentence it would be something like: "To create a new category by changing the way people think about buying second hand technology".

Or something like that. What we really mean is there's a whole lot of baggage with the concept of second-hand or used devices that can be an obstacle to buying pre-owned tech. And that having worked in the industry and having seen how many great devices perform at 100% for way longer than the first buyer wants them, we know there's a huge opportunity for savvy customers to get effectively new devices at big discounts.

Let's be clear. Yes, some people will trade in or sell their devices with defects. We've seen it. It happens. But that's why we're here, to weed out these devices, do a good job at it and back it up with as good as-new warranties. So all customers should get are devices essentially indistinguishable from new. 

And some technology is better suited for longer lifecycles than others. Take solid state memory in computers (think flash drives vs those old whirly magnetic drives in your PC). In past life those old hard drives had a pretty limited life span; lots of moving parts and one too many drops or knocks and it's all over. These days mobile devices are built for a lot of punishment with no moving parts except buttons (and the camera lens) running the phone. They last a lot longer than the old days.

So we think it's time to start taking all those underrated second-hand devices and make them ready for smart buyers.

You get:

Sounds pretty good to me. Check out our range of pristine pre-owned tech here.

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